Dhamma Service​

You can enroll for part-time or long-term service.

You are welcome to give Dhamma service at Dhamma Thali. You can enroll for part-time or long-term service. You can come for a few hours, a few days, a whole course or even for a longer time frame.

Especially, your help is warmly welcome on Day Zero of the course (to assist in registration of students coming for the course), Metta Day and Day 11 (to assist-and-supervise in clean up of the Dhamma halls, Pagoda, rooms, plumbing and electrical maintenance).

I would say that every student should make it a point to spare some time for serving people in Dhamma. To take course after course while doing nothing for Dhamma service is not a healthy way of developing in Dhamma. Take courses, but also spare time for serving in Dhamma. This is very important.

Jaipur Centre also welcomes long term Dhamma servers to render service in:

  • The Dhamma hall
  • The Dining hall
  • Plumbing and electrical

What is the purpose of Dhamma service?

Certainly not to receive board and lodging, nor to pass time in a comfortable environment, nor to escape from the responsibilities of daily life. Dhamma servers know this well. Such persons have practised Vipassana and realized by direct experience the benefits it offers. They have begun to take steps on the Noble Path, and naturally have started to develop the rare quality of gratitude, the wish to repay this debt for all that they have received.

“Serve to keep the wheel of Dhamma rotating…”