Dhamma Thali Sandesh

Dhammathali Sandesh, a monthly Hindi newsletter from Jaipur has been revived w.e.f. November 2009 after a long gap. To avail of a printed copy, meditators from Rajasthan are requested to SMS their name and complete address with pin code to 9950816589.

Alternately, they may send their name and address by a post card to:

Dhamma Thali
PB No 208
Jaipur 302001
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Corona Virus Update

Given the present circumstances prevailing due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the near forseeable uncertainties, all courses till April 15 at Dhamma Thali and Dhamma Nilaya have been cancelled; also applications received for the 2nd half of April courses for Dhamma Thali and Dhamma Nilaya are being kept pending. As of now, we feel we will have a clearer picture by mid-April and only then will begin to process applications for such courses.

In case of any queries, pls be in touch with +91-9610401401.

for Dhamma Thali,