Anapana Courses in Rajasthan

Anapana courses are held in Jaipur on Sundays between 8:15 to 11:30am.


1-day Anapana Course
1st and 2nd Sunday, 8:15 to 11:30 am
Venue: 403, Prince Apartments, Near Gulab Udyan, Near Ram Mandir
Basant Marg, Bani Park, Jaipur
Contact: 9358898063
Prior registration for the children course is compulsory.

1-day Anapana Course
3rd and 4th Sunday, 8:15 to 11:30 am
Venue: Bodhi Tree House
B-25, Parshavnath Colony, Ajmer Road, Jaipur
Contact: Sh Mukesh Ji Jindel 9828161955, Ms Asha Laungani 7412868456
Prior registration for the children course is compulsory.

Rawatbhata, Kota

1-day Anapana course
Venue: Vindhya Hostel, Rawatbhata
Saturday, Apr 11, 9am to 4pm
Saturday, June 13, 9am to 4pm
Saturday, August 8, 9am to 4pm
Saturday, October 10, 9am to 4pm
Saturday, December 12, 9am to 4pm
Contact: Mr Jayant Khobragade, 0-9413358402

Anapana courses are held at regular intervals in / around Churu and Jodhpur. These are often at the behest of old meditators or on requests from institutions. If anybody wishes to know more about such courses or if one wishes to hold Anapana courses anywhere in Rajasthan, they are requested to get in touch with Ms Asha Laungani ji, Children Course Coordinator, Jaipur on 0-8875331999 or Mr Jayant Khobragade, Children Course Coordinator, Rawatbhata on 0-9413358402.

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Covid-19 Update

Given the present circumstances prevailing due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the near forseeable uncertainties, all courses at Dhamma Thali and Dhamma Nilaya till mid-July have been cancelled; also applications already received for the second half of July courses at Dhamma Thali and Dhamma Nilaya are being kept pending. As of now, we feel we will have a clearer picture as we go ahead in July and only then will begin to process applications for such courses.

In case of any queries, please be in touch with +91-9610401401.

for Dhamma Thali,