Dhamma Thali Progress Update

Pragati Samachar...

What's new at Thali?

Pragati Samachar...
  • Byju da's Electrical Revamp Plan

Phase Activity Status Outlay
Phase I Setting up of Panel Boxes Complete 11,25,000
Phase II Electrical Re-wiring of 118 Residences Complete 10,00,000
Phase III Connecting Panel Boxes to the Residences - Male Complete 2,75,000
Phase IV Connecting Panel Boxes to the Residences - Female In Progress
Total 24,00,000

The objective is

  • to have an electrical network that will last at least a quarter century without any major breakdown
  • one that follows industry best practice
  • has an ability to balance the load and
  • facilitates ease of maintenance, safety and documentation
The Project has been renamed after Byju da, an old meditator & Chief Protagonist thereof, a professional par excellence. Having said this, all shortcomings in execution are solely ours.

lighting the future

  • Room Reconstruction

Block FA set to have a new modern look
FA 1 to 17 Reconstruction is set to begin in 2020-21 30,00,000
  • Well planned
  • Enhanced meditator comfort
  • Spacious with new bathrooms
  • Greater storage & improved ventilation

coming soon...

  • Room Upgradation

FE 1 to 12 has a new look
FE 1 to 6 Renovation 6,60,000
FE 7 to 12 Reconstruction 14,10,000
Total 20,70,000
  • Enhanced meditator comfort
  • Spacious with new bathrooms
  • Greater storage & improved ventilation
  • A Spanking New Office

Office Reconstruction 5,00,000
Office Reception 3,25,000
Office Furniture 2,50,000
Female Course Office 4,75,000
Total 15,50,000
  • The Manager Office has been comprehensively redesigned
  • An Office for the Centre Teacher and an Accountant’s Office have been added
  • A new-look-Office Verandah with greenery, benches and appropriate display material are in place
  • 2 Visitor Toilets and a 50-litres RO-cum-Cooler
  • A Female Course Office has been completed and the adjoining area has been beautified
  • The Office Registration Hall has been renovated, equipped with suitable furniture & improved storage facilities
  • Shop redesign has been effected and a Dispensary for the Doctor has been carved out

in keeping with the changing times

  • Upgrading the Kitchen

Kitchen Extension 9,00,000
Kitchen Renovation 4,00,000
Kitchen Equipment 5,50,000
Trolleys, Containers, Boxes, Drums, Stools 2,00,000
Total 20,50,000
  • A new, clean, functional, modern look
  • New tiles affixed on the walls and floor
  • Cooking Workflow effectively redesigned
  • Washing area reorganized
  • Spacious Chakki area
  • Vastly improved storage facilities
  • Modern Equipment - Burners, Chapati & Dosa Bhatti, Idli Maker, Hot Bain Maries
  • Sink, Cutting Tables, Mixer, Idli Grinder, Bread slicer & Dough Grinder
  • Redesign of Kitchen Extension – new Staff Dining, Pantry, restroom for female workers, Cold Storage relocated, net ceiling
  • 2 new Staff Residences added on the 1st Floor, 2 Staff Toilets added
  • Provision of 2 serving facilities in the Male Dining Hall to reduce waiting meal-time

serving the meditator better

  • Gardening

  • Extensive tree planting around the periphery & in the Centre
  • New tree-saplings planted have been safeguarded by tree-guards
  • A drip line has been laid to give water to them
  • Making Compost Pits for Banyan & Peepal Trees
  • Additional Human Resources pledged for Gardening
  • A Census of 389 Trees & Plants has been completed for the 1st time
  • Trees & Plants have been marked - numbered

going green with happiness

  • Stores

  • Stores Manager Appointed
  • Kitchen, Electrical, Plumbing, Plastics, Linen Stores Reorganized
  • A Store Bin Area has been created in the New Parking Area (7 cabins have been created in this space)
  • Kitchen & Valuables Store redesigned for optimum utilization
  • A new Store on the anvil in the New Parking Area
  • All this will enable sorting & storing things neatly & systematically & will facilitate their effective use and final disposal

improving efficiencies

  • Harnessing Solar Energy​

Solar Plant 39KW 13,10,000
  • A 120 panel-Solar-plant of 325MW each aggregating 39KW is saving Dhamma Thali Rs. 40K every month in power bills.

harnessing Nature at Thali

  • Water Harvesting

Cost of Pipes & Labour etc. 1,00,000
Cost of Motor Pumps 30,000
Cost of Water Tanks 60,000
Repair of Water Tank to store Rain Water 35,000
Total 2,25,000
  • Water used in bathing & wash-basins (in Rooms) is being re-used for gardening.
  • 5 Motor Pumps have been installed to use the above water.
  • 3 Water Tanks have been constructed to store the above water.
  • Pipes have been laid to channelise the water run off.
  • The existing 32 x 13.5 x 5.5 feet tank (84K litres) near Female Dining has been converted into an on-ground Water Storage tank. This is equivalent to 3.5 days of water usage at Dhamma Thali.

optimising Nature's bounty

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Covid-19 Update

Given the present circumstances prevailing due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the near forseeable uncertainties, all courses at Dhamma Thali and Dhamma Nilaya till mid-July have been cancelled; also applications already received for the second half of July courses at Dhamma Thali and Dhamma Nilaya are being kept pending. As of now, we feel we will have a clearer picture as we go ahead in July and only then will begin to process applications for such courses.

In case of any queries, please be in touch with +91-9610401401.

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