Dhamma Thali Progress Update

Pragati Samachar...

What's new at Thali?

Pragati Samachar...
Phase Activity Status Outlay
Phase I Laying of underground distribution cables and panels Complete 11,25,000
Phase II Electrical Re-wiring of 118 Residences Complete 10,00,000
Phase III Connecting Panel Boxes to the Residences - Male Complete 2,75,000
Phase IV Connecting Panel Boxes to the Residences - Female Complete 1,85,000
Total 25,85,000

The objective is

The Project has been renamed after Byju da, an old meditator & Chief Protagonist thereof, a professional par excellence. Having said this, all shortcomings in execution are solely ours.

lighting the future

Block FA set to have a new modern look
FA 1 to 17 Reconstruction is set to begin in 2020-21 30,00,000

coming soon...

FE 1 to 12 has a new look
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FE 1 to 6 Renovation 6,60,000
FE 7 to 12 Reconstruction 14,10,000
Total 20,70,000
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Office Reconstruction 5,00,000
Office Reception 3,25,000
Office Furniture 2,50,000
Female Course Office 4,75,000
Total 15,50,000

in keeping with the changing times

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Kitchen Extension 9,00,000
Kitchen Renovation 4,00,000
Kitchen Equipment 5,50,000
Trolleys, Containers, Boxes, Drums, Stools 2,00,000
Total 20,50,000

serving the meditator better

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Like worlds within worlds, entire fascinating worlds of flora and fauna unravel themselves in the valley in which Dhamma Thali is enconsced. A walk across the periphery of Dhamma Thali which intermingles with the forest, is akin to a walk within, reminiscent of the joys of discovering fascinating hitherto unknown truths; and all this only a few meters away from the stone dwellings which are home to the meditators for the duration of the course.

An extensive afforestation programme has been carried out in the past two years at Dhamma Thali. 450+ saplings have been planted during this time and 389 thereof have kept their date with the July-2020 census.

In the valley where peacocks, monkeys and teeming life abounds, tree guards have been extensively used to secure the growth of these saplings. A Drip irrigation line ensures access to recycled water. For enriching the quality of soil, pits have been dug in which compost comprising of cow and goat manure, dry leaves, jute fibre, and amrit jal are beneficially mixed and matured.

The focus has been on the peepal and banyan. In traditionally dry regions, these trees help reduce the rain water run-off, increase the water level and maintain the temperature.

The afforestation programme is a long term one and it will be 5 years from now wherein the true results of these efforts will begin to show;  a true testimony to Man and Nature in harmony.

A present-day List of saplings (with their botanical names) and their census is presented here:

Total = 389

going green with happiness

improving efficiencies

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Solar Plant 39KW 13,10,000

harnessing Nature at Thali

Cost of Pipes & Labour etc. 1,00,000
Cost of Motor Pumps 30,000
Cost of Water Tanks 60,000
Repair of Water Tank to store Rain Water 35,000
Total 2,25,000

optimising Nature's bounty