About Dhamma Nilaya

Jamdoli (in Jaipur) offers children courses, teenager courses, 3-day courses and 10-day courses.

From July 2018, Jamdoli (in Jaipur) has begun offering 3-day courses, 1-day and residential Anapana courses for children. And from September 2019 onwards, Jamdoli has also begun offering 10-day courses.

The place has been offered by an old female meditator with facilities currently for about 25 meditators. The facilities include a Dhamma Hall for 50, 8 Meditator Residences, twin AT Residences, Kitchen and Dining Hall, Office, Common Facilities and a lush green campus. The site is about 3kms from the Jaipur Vipassana Centre.


Jaaton kaa Baas, Via Jain Deraur Dadabari
Jaisinghpura Khor, Jamdoli
Jaipur 302027
Jamdoli Centre Mobile No.: 9828305708
Google location – https://goo.gl/maps/joeTqq9mg9WioN9D7
Email: [email protected]
Apply online at: https://www.dhamma.org/en/schedules/schthali

For postal correspondence, please write to:

Dhamma Thali Vipassana Meditation Centre
PO Box 208 Jaipur 302001.
Tel No.: 9610401401
Fax: 91-141-2576283
Website: www.thali.dhamma.org
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Covid-19 Update

As per Central & State Government Unlock 4.0 end-August guidelines, gatherings have been permitted wef Sept-21, with due restrictions and safeguards.

A Satipatthana Sutta course for eligible old students has been scheduled from Sept 23 to Oct-1 (Evening). A 30-day and a 20-day Long course for eligible old students has been scheduled Oct 7 onwards.

In case of any queries, pls be in touch with +91-9610401401.

for Dhamma Thali,